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What Patients are Saying about Vitalogy Wellness Center

“I came to Vitalogy Wellness Center because I was headed towards diabetes and heart disease. I was also concerned about a hormone imbalance.  I did not see results after visiting other doctors and they kept increasing my medications.

I worked with a weight loss nutritionist prior to coming to Vitalogy Wellness Center.  The results were only temporary.  What sets Dr. Sultan apart is that she explains things about your body so I – and anyone else – can understand how to help myself.

Because I am now down 22 pounds and off three different medications – including blood pressure medication – I would definitely recommend Vitalogy Wellness Center. I feel healthy and full of energy and that gives me peace of mind and overall wellbeing.”

    -Eddie McJunkin


“Pat Wittig, CRNP-BC, takes great care of us. We value her care as well as the atmosphere of the business.  Pat makes it clear what we need to focus on with our health. We are extremely satisfied with the overall great experience we’ve had with Pat Wittig and Vitalogy Wellness Center and will definitely return.”

    -Karl and Pat Craig