• IV Vitamin Therapy

    IV Vitamin Therapy

    What is IV Vitamin Therapy?  With  IV Nutrition/ IV Vitamin Therapy, minerals and vitamins are administered into the body through the veins.  Because the vitamins and micronutrients don’t need to be metabolized through the gut and intestines they can get into the bloodstream faster and do their job in a more efficient way.  Ultimately, only small amounts of vitamins and micronutrients go to waste with the IV Vitamin therapy method and most of the nutrients are absorbed and used by the body almost immediately. This

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  • PRX T33 Skin Peel (Cinderella Peel)

    PRX T33 Skin Peel (Cinderella Peel)

    Dr. Sultan Invested In This Skin Peel Because Patients Can Have The Peel During The Day & Still Be Ready For A Function The Same Night. WHAT IS PRX-T33 SKIN PEEL AKA "CINDERELLA PEEL"? Simply put, the PRX-T33 is a skin peel without visible exfoliation. It is an improved formula of a trichloroacetic acid (TCA) peel. The PRX-T33 is a non-peeling peel OFTEN REFERRED TO AS THE CINDERELLA PEEL OR REVERSE PEEL that was developed as a treatment for childrenRead more